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Advanced Energy Healing

My journey as an energy practitioner:

I was not born into a family who believed or practiced any kind of energy healing, Reiki, etc.. I was born into a Southern Baptist Texas family, and gently claim Christianity as my core religiously and spiritually. Several roads converged to bring me into the work I do now; science, specifically experiments in quantum physics and the behavior of entangled light particles (see article here), helped me understand that we are truly and fundamentally all connected and interacting with each other, in ways that are seemingly beyond the 5 senses. The work I do involves my mind and senses, actual energy, and actual connections that are not part of a belief system, but are part of the natural world. Science focuses on how to use what we learn about how light behaves to build profitable computers, but quickly science is turning its gaze on how we might, in fact, have natural quantum abilities ourselves. Eastern philosophies about energy healing and practice helped me have guidance and direction on how to train and hone psychic (energetic) abilities. Tens of thousands of hours of work and practice have gone into the work I do now. Below are some of the tools I use, and a brief description of when and how I use them. 

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First Thing's First: Healing at the Micro Level. 

My abilities include being able to see different forms of energy. I can see:

* Frequencies relating to the future. These appear like distinct moving path-waves in front of me that are lighter or darker in shade. Each path-wave is translucent, because it isn't a set reality, it is a potential. I can sense the stories and events in them and share information about them. This is not a tool that I use directly, like in fortune telling, but I check in with it often to test the healing work we are doing, to see if the work resonates with the outcome that resonates best with you.

*Events in your life. There are 3 situations in which I can access (with your permission!) events that are most likely affecting your health. When giving a massage, if an area is tense, it will probably radiate frequencies fairly strongly that give the story as to why it is tense. I can pick up these stories and ask you if they resonate with what you are experiencing. If they do, we can work together to get to the root and bring resolution.  

The second way I access events in your world is when we are sitting together and just talking and sharing about things. If there is a lot of intensity or stress, or distress, I can see around you what contributed to that. Again, if what I share resonates with you, we can address this together. 

The third way I can see events is long distance. While talking on the phone, or even a request via text, allows me to dial in, if you will, to what may be happening. 

*Energy in your physical body. For whatever reason, pain, fatigue, distress, intestinal inflammation or sluggishness, and many other physical ailments show up to me as moving colors in a person's body. Another psychic showed me how to handle these energies as if they are physical objects, which makes me wonder if they are physical objects some how, because they behave this way. I can (and anyone can it's super easy) simply pull the energy and the pain, fatigue, distress, inflammation, sluggishness, etc, immediately release. This can be done at any distance. 



Inner/Wounded Child Healing

A lot of the work I do blends discoveries made by pioneering psychologists, like Carl Jung and others, regarding the subconscious, the collective subconscious, the symbolic language of the subconscious, and images that I receive from my client, helping me know how to direct the session to heal (often buried or forgotten) roots. I begin at this level by asking my client to focus on what they want to heal, and then assigning it a color. The color becomes the doorway to what needs attention, compassion, boundaries, integration, or release, and also a doorway to a past self that needs help.  

If you go to the grocery store, or the gas station, every adult you see has inner children, younger selves inside of them that have been wounded in some way. Those children are still in there, stuck or reliving a stressful moment, as the adult continues about her day. Healing the wounded child is a specific meditation that allows that child to be set free and healed and renewed. Healing the inner children catalyzes healing in the present moment... physical healing, healing of chronic ailments, generational ailments, relationships, emotional and mental stress, anxiety, and depression, and a greater sense of ease, self, and many other benefits come from this level of healing. 

Planet and Moon

Macrocosm: Working with Astrological Archetypes

Working at this level is not as common as the other two. Most ancient civilizations developed the science of astrology; that is, documenting how the location of the planets and stars affected behavior, personality, and even life events. 

Imagine a deep sea fish... an animal that lives so deep in the ocean, that it will never know what air and atmosphere are, because it will never swim to the surface. Because it doesn't know what air is, it may not understand what water is, because it has lived in water its entire life, and therefore has no contrast to be able to recognize that it is in a unique substance... that is how we are with our sky. We have lived billions of years in this deep sea of stars and planets, so we have no contrast, and no conscious physical sensation of how we are affected by them. 

We actually have sections of our nervous system that tune in and modulate these ever-present and powerful frequencies. One of the tools I use to help someone powerfully shift is a specific meditation where we look at how our nervous system interacts with these massive energies. 

Past and Future Lifetimes and Selves

I have no idea if past lives really exist. However, sometimes, they randomly appear in my clients, and when we work with them on their terms, my client experiences healing and relief. I have also experienced in many meditations events and times that strongly felt right at being called a past life with my past self. I even came out of a session profoundly healed and able to read basic Greek words written in the Greek alphabet, and I never took Greek. Again, I don't know what these experiences really are, because I have no objective proof, but I work with them as they are, because whatever they are, when healing happens here, clients heal too. 

Sometimes, a client has experienced so much horrific trauma, that their sense of self is not healed enough to revisit the trauma to bring healing. For them, revisiting the past does not bring healing or relief. Instead, we look at the future self. Connecting here often brings peace and a new perspective, which lets us heal in a different way.

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