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Reiki Treatment
Medical Massage

Medical massage works deeply to address difficult and persistent conditions, such as:

- headaches/migraines/TMJ

- neck pain/ whiplash

- shoulder pain/strain

- back pain

- hip pain/sciatica

- leg and knee pain

-foot pain/plantar fasciitis

- conditions from cancer, such as post treatment lymphedema, aches and pains

- motor vehicle accident injuries

- pre and post surgical issues

- chronic conditions such as arthritic pain, fibromyalgia


All physical tissues, such as muscle, nerve, fascia, lymph, and connective tissues are thoroughly addressed. Moreover, often a person's biochemistry may need attention, or their chakra/energy field. All of this is considered carefully with your visit. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, at 972.249.5747. Texting me is the best way to reach me quickly, and as a way to schedule. Thank you so much, I look forward to hearing from you!

Specific Conditions (Examples)



Did you know that headaches can come from multiple sources? 

Physically, muscles in the head and neck can become inflamed and press on nerves and vessels in the head, creating pain in the temples, neck, shoulders, behind the eyes, and all over the head. 

Biochemically, inflammation or pressure on the descending aorta in the abdomen can create headaches that seemingly occur out of the blue. 

Detox reactions from food allergens like dairy can create painful headaches where it hurts to even brush your hair. 

Menstrual migraines can happen and are usually combined with other factors mentioned here. 

Childhood trauma can create ocular migraines... figuring out the true root of your headache and resolving it so you don't have headaches again is one of my specialties. Text today and let's get you feeling better quickly!


Manual Lymph Drain

Lymphedema can happen for various reasons. Sometimes, for example, pressure and swelling develops in one leg, but not the other. Usually, when this happens, the source is either lymph draining from the abdomen because of a chronic food allergy reaction in one part of the intestine, or pressure in the abdomen, like from organ inflammation or constipation, making it harder for the veins to drain the leg. Also, a muscle pinching a lymphatic vessel behind the knee or in the groin can make a leg or part of a leg swell. Similar issues can create pressure and swelling in both legs. 

Lymphedema in the arms can be caused by lymph node removal and scar tissue at the surgical site, and swelling all over the body can be due to excess sodium, high blood pressure, or a part of a person's personality where they hold stress inside of them and it translates as slightly restricted muscles and vessels, creating edema. 

ALL of these situations have answers to them and can be helped by addressing edema the right way depending on the reason it is there. 



Sciatica describes hip pain that can shoot down the leg, and often feels like a burning, aching sensation, and can create weakness in the hip or leg. People often go to physical therapy for this condition, and don't realize that medical massage can be equally beneficial. Sciatica has many different causes; a common one that is not addressed in western medicine is inflamed intestine agitating the sciatic nerve. Chronic stress can be subconsciously projected into the hip, creating muscle tension that affects this nerve. A quick exam can find the reason sciatic pain is happening.

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