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After over 2 decades of working with thousands of people, gathering research, and EXTENSIVE testing, I am proud to be developing a SUPER LOW COST, POWERFUL APP that allows anyone anywhere to journey with me into healing. We will focus on imbalances in EVERY ASPECT of being; physical organs and systems, specific biochemistry, mental health and solutions, emotional health and solutions, spiritual energetic health and solutions, traumatic events, and more. The first ailment addressed will be RESPIRATORY ALLERGIES, followed by ADRENAL FATIGUE, THYROID FATIGUE, FATIGUE FATIGUE, FOOD INTOLERANCES, BOWEL INFLAMMATION, INSOMNIA, and mental and emotional conditions such as DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, NIGTHMARES, and I will keep adding. The app will host specific, goal-oriented programs for people who wish to completely target and heal a condition. For example, a person with low thyroid may wish to completely heal from daily fatigue, hair loss, and negative thoughts/depression.

When you download the app (coming soon!) for an all-inclusive program, you will get access to:

* A full diagnostic series that determines the source of the true roots of your condition. 

* A goals session. for example, what do you really want to achieve? 

* Your personal healing calendar containing transformational content, paced to how fast or slow you wish to work.

* Materials, if needed, such as supplements, certain kinds of labwork, personal journal, and acupressure laser.

* 24-hour contact with me as you go through your program. The healing is in the details of your day and night. I am right there with you.

* Energy scans are also available. I can read and heal a person's energy field from any distance. Often addressing this gives a client a huge advantage in their heaiing, because persistent conditions may be caused by imbalanced, negative, or stuck energies. 

972.249.5747 TEXT ONLY

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Sample Programs


Did you know that relationships can be healed? We can work together to design a blueprint to go from where you are now to where you want to be. 


I am currently building programs that begin at $4 per month for helping people heal their finances. I offer this program because oftentimes people need help with their health, but don't have the financial resources to get that help. Contact me for more information.

Chronic health issues, including emotional or mental issues. 

Suffer from anxiety or depression? Please reach out! These are areas of strong expertise for me.

Heal Your Thyroid, Get Your Life Back Program

Below is my webinar for people who suffer from low thyroid and its symptoms. The webinar is useful in understanding the depth of healing that we journey through together to get you the outcome you want. The webinar takes about an hour to view, so make sure you reserve the time, and are comfortable. PLEASE DISREGARD THE CALL TO ACTION LINKS AT THE END. Just text me directly at 972.249.5747 to schedule a free discovery call.

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