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Fur Babies! Yes, I can help them too!

(and feather and scale and hoof babies....  actually, someone asked me to heal their yard once... I can do that too!!)

Animals have issues just like we do. And like us, they also have the same aspects of being; namely, the physical, biochemical, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects. Helping them heal can be more critical, because they do not have the same ways of communicating that we do, so it is really easy to miss or not understand the real reason they are not well. 

Physical Issues

Like pain or muscle spasms, limping, and difficulty moving can be helped with the right massage and alignment techniques, as well as the right energy balancing and nutrition. I used to be a part of a cat rescue, and have fostered and helped over 200 animals. 

Green Eyed Cat
Dog Portrait
Dog Portrait

Mental or Emotional Issues

Anxiety, depression, aggression, and changes in personality can be helped as well. 

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