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In Office Services


Getting to know You, and what made you step out of your daily life to schedule time with me is essential to me. Asking about your symptoms, when they began, what they feel like, and how they affect you, as well as asking if other seemingly unrelated events occurred at or near the time the issue developed, help me see the bigger picture of what started or contributed to the issue. Often something like a traumatic job loss or change, or family change, can be a root to a condition. 

We can understand together what the roots to the issue are; whether mainly physical in origin, biochemical, mental, emotional, situational, or energetic. 

From there we can create a path to follow to address the roots step by step, until the issue is resolved. 



If you are needing help with fatigue, diabetes, low thyroid, cardiovascular, IBS, or other issues, often looking at lab work is useful in understanding the metrics of your condition. I employ all forms of lab work, including hair analysis, in understanding the state of your chemistry. Please bring current labwork with you. If we need more diagnostics or labwork, pricing is as listed with the testing lab.


Iridology (also known as iridodiagnosis or iridiagnosis) is an alternative medicine technique that examines the colors, patterns, and other characteristics of the iris to determine useful information about a patient's systemic health.  I usually look at the iris to look for the potential presence of systemic inflammation, low stomach acid, adrenal fatigue, low thyroid, food intolerance, organ issues, elevated cholesterol, and other issues. I do not charge extra for iridology during your office visit.

Reiki Treatment

Subconscious and Empathic/Energy Healing:

I employ several forms of empathic and energy work in sessions if requested or required:
Basically I can access why a condition is chronic. For example, if a person comes in with chronically tight shoulders, I can empathically pick up information, like perhaps she has subconscious fears from a difficult childhood. Releasing specific fears allows the shoulders to finally relax - often for the first time in decades. 
Sometimes a client may not have a personal history of trauma, but a family member may. In childhood, everything gets learned and absorbed, and if a parent or grandparent carries stress, the child can accidentally learn to carry the same stress. Again, whatever the source, I can usually sense where it is coming from and help guide the release of the source.

Therapeutic Massage

I am trained in over 20 different advanced modalities for therapeutic work. Plus, my background in science and research, as well as being a college professor to nurses, greatly enhances my ability to help you find the exact reason there is a disorder and bring relief.


Osteopath at Work
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