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Master Healer Course Curriculum:

Minimum 6 hours’ sign up to start.

$75 per course hour. 1 hour takes about 1-2 weeks to complete.


Physiology as it Relates to Psychology and Energy

Biochemistry (12 hours)

* Body map: why Physical, mental, and emotional pain shows up where it does in the body

* Sleep, Hormones, and How to Tell If Energy Blockages are Skewing Hormone Facilitation, and What to Do About It

* Basic Iridology - How to look at Irises to determine physiological issues quickly that most likely contribute to psychological issues

* Low Thyroid - 5 second test and how it affects psychology

* Low adrenals - 15 second test and how it affects psychology

* Hair Analysis for Practitioners

* Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Circadian Rhythms - for clients who suffer a disorder like anxiety at the same time almost every day or night - and what to do about it


TCM and sleep

Working with Randomness (2 hours)
*Extremely powerful tool because it is so accurate.  Randomness is the very best way to get past ego, logic, and trying to make sense of things to the actual root of what is really going on. Randomness bypasses the conscious mind and allows the truth of what is happening to surface immediately.


Working with the Past (8 hours)

* Recurring memories, why they happen, the emotions behind them, and how to heal them

* Recurring dreams, what they mean, how to interpret them, and how to heal them

* Recurring nightmares (same)

* Wounded Child
- Age Progression beginning with Sperm and Egg
- Prebirth Trauma and how that affects the psyche
- Pattern Initiation - finding exactly WHERE a recurring negative pattern began and how to resolve the root (attracting negative relationships, jobs, health patterns, etc)
- Inherited Trauma / Ancestral Trauma
- Genetic Trauma


Working directly with Sleep (2 hours)
* moments going to sleep, disrupted sleep, improperly waking up (anxiety, depression, trash thoughts, fatigue)


Tapping (4 hours)


Entities: What are they? How are they different from energies? How to work with them (1 hour)


Core Self/ Identity: What is this really? What does healthy look like? How to detect and heal compromised/fractured/ splintered/possessed cores (4 hours)


Development of the Ego from an energetic viewpoint and how it can get disrupted/ why it matters/ how to correct (3 hours)


Primal Brain Emotional/ Survival Trauma (1 hour)
Limbic Brain Emotioal Trauma (1 hour)
Cortex Brain Mental Trauma (1 hour)


For Questions or More information, please text me at 972.249.5747 or email me at

Natural Healing

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